Posted by: Van Colombo | March 27, 2009

A great start for humanity.

I follow and believe in Buddhist philosophy with a logical mind. My children were baptized as Christians because of their mother’s religion. Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion, how ever it consists of 7 dimension of a religion .

The new world has changed dramatically on how they look at a Christian religion and how they preach. Especially when comparing to history, the way they operated with an iron fist. I see that nowadays reverends’ try to discuss about other religions objectively. And explore them with an open mind.

My mother in law goes to church without a miss, my daughter accompany her often. Last Sunday my mother went along with my brother to church.

My Mom said that the sermon was great. Especially she enjoys the part where the reverent explained how Buddhist monks use meditation to bring balance in the inner system, by focusing the mind such a way that brain’s left/right functions become one entity. More reading on Science and Buddhism .

I never thought that I’ll hear something objective from a church. After all now I have some faith in the future. This could be a great start for man kind.


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