Posted by: Van Colombo | November 15, 2010

How to get “randomly selected” ?

Last month (October 2010) when I was traveling back home with my family I was “randomly” selected for a security check in Sydney Airport.

I’m still struggling to figure out their criterion list for “random” selection. My family were few passengers away from me (since I have a different passport than them), thus I looks a single traveler. My physical attributes like dark tan, casual clothing, military jacket, crew cut hair must have been the trigger (Come on, that’s a style… probably for a Caucasian.)

If I’m really planning something nasty will I dress up to stand out??? Then in a minutes later my family joined me and the officer knew he made a “random” mistake. By then I’ve gone through the dog sniffing, wide eyed stares and the lot from the passengers (It was very amusing though ). I asked from the officer with a smile “so you selected me randomly eh?” he said “Yep”. Aussies, no surprises there.

Do you have any idea what goes in their head before picking up a person? Do they pick only;

  • Non Caucasians?
  • People looks similar to their ex spouse’s current partner?
  • Anyone who looks happier than them?
  • Or people fall in to some other secret condition list?

I’m still trying to figure it out.


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