Posted by: Van Colombo | November 30, 2010

How old is too old for a new Job?

I’m quite comfortable with my current job status. It’s flexible, enjoyable and satisfying . What else you want? However I have to admit old habits die hard.

Yesterday I submit we resume after seeing an interesting job opportunity. The lady was so eager after having a email-chat with me and request my resume. The job required only 5+ years of experience and I had 14. Piece of cake to pass the first stage eh?

Not quite. She didn’t come back. She came with the standard response after my second inquiry saying “..Unfortunately it is not really what we are looking for..” I was so amused. Been there done that. During internet bubble one of my favorite past time was to set up interview during lunch time and go through Q&A sessions. Trust me it’s loads of fun when you really don’t want that job (Give it a go I guarantee you’ll get hooked up as a hobby).

To laughed to my self and replied with a short message “Hmm, help me out here to redefine my search criteria, so what exactly your looking in this role that I’m lacking?

Sound of Silence……

I did not expect her to reply of cause, knowing how uncomfortable for her to respond.

So how old is too old? Your age is not exactly the issue here(at lease I think). If your young at heart and if you can go to the stage of meeting a prospective employer face to face, your almost there to grab the job. Hurdle is to pass the first stage.

Good old days (80’s and before) lengthier the resume the better. But it doesn’t work that way once you pass a certain age. Now I’m cutting and chopping the resume to be shorter, let’s say maximum of 7 years. Why 7 years?

7 is great number. Not because it consider lucky but because it’s a marketing promotional number. We find it impossible to go past anything that gives us seven, seventeen, or seven hundred.

Currently I’m making a shorter version of my 11 page resume. Looking forward to see how it works.

Now, remember to have fun on your next interview.


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