Posted by: Van Colombo | May 30, 2011

You know, I can’t see your scars anymore.

I’m not sure whether you have seen the movie “A man without a face”. If you’ve seen I bet you will learn something new about life in general from this 1993 classic. The line (among many other good ones) I will remember to my death bed is when Chuck told his new found disfigured teacher “You know, I can’t see your scars anymore. I can hardly even tell they’re there.”

How many close friends you got others classified as freaks, recluse or simply different than the rest? We humans are too quick to judge someone just by the cover. What makes us do that? I figured we do that because ;

[A] We are too lazy to take time to figure them out. It’s easy to class them as different and leave at that.
[B] Not bold enough to take the first step.
[C] We think we might be out of place if we hang out with them.
[D] We think that we have more to lose than gain from them. (Yep hard fact is when finding new friends or even when deciding allocating free time with someone else, we measure the “Opportunity cost”.)
[E] There must be more reasons, but none on top of my head. Feel free to comment.

We all have many close good friends in that caliber. Personally I’m glad I took time and initiative to understand them. Once you become closer to them after some time you’ll not see the scars others talking about.

Go out in peace and find something good in most of us.



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